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    15-03-18 , 22:01

    My debit card was declined at Morrisions and when I phoned Tesco Bank they said it had been compromised and they were sending out a new card. I asked them which store this had happened but they would give me no information. I am pretty unhappy, as they told me my new card would be between 5 and 10 days coming and new pin. I am also unhappy as they are keeping me in the dark. It sounds like they have been hacked again. I was wondering if anyone else have had this happened in the last week.
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    Best Answer Re: Compromised
    17-03-18 , 14:11

    Hi @coldiztom - sorry for the delay in our response and the position you were in. We should have sent a text message to inform you of the situation, sorry if you didn't receive this. We always take the security of our customers accounts very seriously and such action would not have been taken if it wasn't deemed necessary. I hope you receive your new card and PIN soon and apologies again for the inconvenience caused - Sarah
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