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    Re: Credit card contactless with android pay
    27-07-20 , 07:34

    Hi I have now switched my Sony Xperian for an Apple iPhone.I find it a lot more convenient and less hassle than Android..I'm using Tesco Pay+ in the Tesco stores, and Apple Pay everywhere else.Thanks for the feedback.Regards, Chris
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    19-02-21 , 18:14

    Although I would like to be added to the list of unhappy, long term, high spend Tesco Credit Card users who want to use their Tesco Credit Card with Android Pay, I understand there is absolutely no point in being added to a list which is completely ignored.

    Tesco are unwilling to give any reason for not supporting Android Pay, they certainly do have reasons but are just unwilling to share them.

    There is only 1 thing to do and one which many, if not most, of the people on theses forums have done which is move to a different bank.

    Sainsbury's, M&S, Asda are quoted as good alternatives. When you swap your card you will almost certainly find you swap you fuel and grocery shopping as well.

    Thanks Tesco but goodbye.
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