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    I applied for a loan today and after I had pressed submit I got a "there's been an error..." message but says I have submitted.
    What does this mean? Will I here from them? Have I been turned down for the loan?
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    Hi ,

    I'm sorry to hear you have had trouble applying for a loan. It sounds like it didn't go through, but we'd want to check this for you. Please message with your full name, DOB and postcode, to @Tesco-Bank.

    You can also call us on 0345 600 6016 one of my colleagues will be happy to help! - Tristan
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    Hi done application was told I was accepted then error please can you help me on the status? I'd prefer to do all online instead of post
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    Community Manager
    Hi @Travey67, if you can follow Jays instruction above then we can check the current status of your application. However, if you didn’t receive an option to digitally sign your application then we would need to complete this via post.
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    Hi Ross thanks for your reply. I have one question for you.
    The mobile number I put has now changed.... Can you change on the system for me or will I have a chance when I receive the pack from Tescos?

    When you apply you’ll get a quick decision. If we’re able to offer you a loan we’ll send out documents for you to sign and return to us. If it's just you applying, you've applied online and we need no supporting documentation you may be able to sign your agreement digitally and get your funds quicker. Other applicants should receive your documents within 5 days of making your application. Once we’ve received your signed documents and any additional information we’ve requested, and we’ve checked this to make sure everything is OK, we’ll make our final decision.

    Your funds will be deposited in your chosen account by Faster Payments, usually on the same day as the final decision is made. An electronic payment is sent directly to your bank account and the money can be withdrawn as soon as the funds reach your account.

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    We can't update that for you over The Community or Social media, but if you give our Loans team a call we'll be able to arrange this for you - they're available 8am - 10pm through the week, and 9am - 5pm at weekends on 0345 600 6016. Alternatively, when the loan is confirmed, you can register for online banking and update the mobile number on the account there :)