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    I opened an Internet Saver A/C on 5/7/2017 and was informed by cs that I would have to wait 48 hours before I could withdraw funds from the said account. On 7/7/2017, on discovering that I was unable to make a withdrawal, I called cs again and the adviser after offering his apologies, told me that I would be able to do so the next day although it is a Saturday. He assured me that the account would be unblocked. On Saturday I was still not able to make my transaction. I followed this with another phone call to be told by the lady that because I had opened the a/c after 5pm on Wednesday, I would have to wait until Monday (10/7/2017). On Monday, yes you've guessed it! I still couldn't make my transfer. I rang again late that afternoon and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Chris who profusely apologised for what I was experiencing and promised me that I would definitely be able to withdraw the following day and that he would be overseeing it. Yesterday, I did get a phone call from your member of staff and he said that the a/c would now be unblocked and went on to explain that it took so long because they have to do security checks. In his conversation he implied that I should welcome it because it is to safe guard my money. I was finally able to access my funds yesterday.
    This whole episode has been quite abysmal. If I was told at the outset what the time frame would be, I could have made alternative arrangements. As it happens, I needed the funds urgently for Monday at the very latest. It's totally unacceptable to be given assurances and varying excuses every time I was in contact with yourselves. I have never experienced anything like this before.
    Hector. **postcode removed**
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    I'm really sorry to read about the experience you've had and we'd like to look into this for you. Send a private message with your name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank, making sure to leave additional spaces between the characters of your DOB and postcode.
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    I too opened the Internet saver account some weeks ago, have deposited a few times using my current account and debit card from another bank. I sent my details to verify my identity weeks ago.
    Tried to transfer money from Internet saver today as needed for unexpected bill and it won't let me.
    I may as well have just gone with my normal bank. It woukd have been easier.
    I think I will close this account and use my normal bank in future.
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    I'm sorry to hear this , I can assure you that it is not normal for the restriction to take so long to be removed. Would you be able to message @Tesco-Bank with your details like Scott advises above and we'll sort this out for you - Tristan
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    In conjunction with my post, I have written a letter of complaint to your complaints dept. in Glasgow. As I am infrequently on line, I would appreciate it if you could respond to the letter by post or by telephone. You will have my details on your data base. Thank you. Hector.
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    I have also transfered money from my current account to my Internet saver and tryed to transfer it back after a few days and it won't let me. Can someone advise what I need to do to access my money?
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    Hi . I'm sorry to hear that. Usually this is due to us awaiting a signature letter to be returned to us. However, if you send a private message with your name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank, I can check this and let you know.
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