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    18-09-21 , 14:54

    Quote Originally Posted by RobbieT View Post
    Hi @TERRYLA14, I'm sorry you feel this way. When a customer opens a new Savings account, we must send a signature letter out for you to sign and return so that we can confirm your identity, even if you've previously had an account with us.
    Hi Robbie, Are you sure that's still the case?

    I, and my wife, have had Tesco Bank savings accounts for around 8 years, and while we might have given a signature for the very first account, I don't recall ever doing so for subsequent accounts.

    We both opened new accounts just 10 days or so ago and got the usual welcome pack, but there were no forms to return, and we weren't asked to provide signatures. As usual, we couldn't access funds for several days, but remembered not to pay in money we might need to access soon.

    We could access from a few days ago but didn't get the letters until today.

    I tend to agree with Terry that if Tesco management acted to remove some minor annoyances and eccentricities, it would have happier customers. Having a message appear saying why they couldn't make withdrawals would help.
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    19-09-21 , 11:15

    Hi @Arby, thanks for passing on your feedback surrounding this. I'll certainly pass all this on to our Customer Insight team today as we're always looking for ways to improve our services. If you're an active customer we don’t need you to return a signature letter, however if a customer has closed an account previously then we’ll send this letter out again for them to sign and return. I hope this clarifies things.

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