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    Re: Locked out from Online Banking - here's what to do
    24-07-20 , 18:25

    Good evening Are you able to get into your online banking now?Have you been unlocked?If so and all is good please 'Accept as Solution' for me to close down.Have alovely weekend.Caz,
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    Re: Locked out from Online Banking - here's what to do
    20-09-20 , 17:31

    Here’s a copy of my response to your request in July, if you’re all sorted now please advise, regards, Chris
    That's easily taken care of !
    Please send Tesco Bank a 'Private Message' to request " Unlock Online Insurance Account".
    1. Click on this link and it will take you to a page, 'About Tesco Bank'.
    2. In the top right of the page click onto 'Send a Message'.
    3. A new page will open up, 'Create New Message'.
    4, Complete it and send your message securely.
    5. Please include your email address, full name, date of birth and postcode.
    6. You will receive a reply to confirm that your Insurance Account is unlocked !
    Problem Solved, Best Wishes,
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