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    I too have had late payment fines on my Tesco credit card account which has seriously annoyed me. The first was because of a payment reversals by Tesco on a standing order I had set up to make the minimum payments. I complained and it was explained there could be many reasons for that to happen. But no refund. I set up a standing order on another bank account I had which this time did work. But I got the amount wrong. £20 instead of £25. And bang another fine of £12. That's £24 Tesco has had from me because of honest mistakes which are not late payments but errors in trying to make the payment. My Tesco Credit Card account is now all payed up and at 0 balance, the standing orders are cancelled. I do hope I do not get another £12 fine if an unexpected interest charge or some other financial serviced technicality adds a few pennies to the account such as happened to a poster above. Any chance of a refund? And just to be crystal clear. There are no late payment fines if the account is at zero? Is there?
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    Hi @scott101, I'm sorry to hear that you've been charged some late payment fees on your account. Generally, we wouldn’t refund any fees unless there has been an error by Tesco Bank. If you feel that we've made an error, I can have a look at this for you. Please send @Tesco-Bank a private message containing your name, date of birth and postcode. Please leave a space between each character (A B 1 2 C D) to make sure your information doesn't get removed.
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    Hi I pay over my minimum every 4 weeks the day I get paid . Min payment £25 and last two payment I have paid £100. Today got a letter saying I have been charged £12. After 30 minutes trying to contact support (numbers only put you through to automated services, no reply from your twitter staff) I managed through searching the internet to find how to get to talk to a live person. Why is there no option to talk to someone on the customer help lines? Anyways back to the point. I get paid 4 weekly and ont pay day every 4th Tuesday pay all debts. Now it because I paid early I have missed a payement but in reality I havent. I have the same arrangement with other cards and they are fine with the fact I pay over and regularily ( NO CHARGES). I have been told this one would get waved though we will see if it has or not. Since I have already paid this month is now appears I will be charged again as sinceI paid early last month I have also paid early this month. The fact of the manner I have paid £75 in excess of the minumum and curretly do not have one cent until I get paid again next month on the 1st of August. I am at the point if I do get charged £12 and because of all the hassle I have recieved trying to talk to cusomer care and the lack of customer care recieved, I may refrain from paying aything to the card again. I do not wish for this to happen and quite possitve you do not want this to happen, hopefull you see some common sense on this matter and stop this from esculating into a right mess. Kind regards
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    Hi @paulwr, I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with your account and I can understand your frustration. The set-up of the credit cards requires that at least a minimum payment must be made between the date the statement is produced and the payment due date. Payments made out with this payment window will reduce the balance, but don't count towards the monthly payment. This would be why my colleague mentioned that a further payment would be required to avoid another fee being applied.

    Like yourself, we also get paid every four weeks, and I've found that using the text alerts on the website helps to make sure that any payment I make towards my card is made during the payment window mentioned above. This means I sometimes have to put the payment money to one side, but it really does help avoid fees and interest.

    We'll also reply to your message on Twitter so we can double check on the refund my colleague mentioned. We've been very busy recently, but I can see your message is going to be replied to today.
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    Hi You have cleary not taken in a word I said and becuase I made a payment of £100 I have no funds left in my bank to make a further payment. Now Id see the point if I was not making payments but I have been. SO clearly you will mark me as being late with a payment again an fine me £12 which is rediculous. So basically in 11 days I will be charged £12 since I do not get paid until 15 days time. As i said I have had other credic cards and this has not been an issue and sorted out with any fuss, Tesco however in the whole are very amaturish.
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    I'm afraid your payment will always be deemed late if not paying within the timescale my colleague Scott has previously mentioned. I understand your frustration with this given your pay date falls every 4 weeks! What we could do to combat this would be changing the date which your statement is produced, which will then also change the payment due date to one which works better for you. If this is something you would be happy to do then please give my colleagues a call on 03453004278 to discuss, they're available 24/7 and will be more than happy to help make things easier for you! Get back in touch if you have any further queries on this
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    My minimum payment was due yesterday and due to a family emergency I did not get around to paying it. I have paid it now and also set up a direct debit. On this one occasion could the late payment fee please be refunded and this not be shown on my credit file. I accept that it is my responsibility to pay on time but sometimes in life things happen. I have paid less than 24 hours late. Thank you
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    Hi ,

    I'm really sorry to hear that! Usually, unless there's been a Tesco Bank error then we'd be unable to refund the fee. However, if you could send us a private message on either Twitter or Facebook and relay the information above along with your DOB, postcode and full name for us then we'll certainly look into this further.

    - Michelle
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    hi i have been charged a late payment fee of £12 on then 25th September even though i had made a payment on the 4th September which was much higher than the minium payment required
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    Hi , I'm sorry to hear you've been charged a late fee. From what you've described it sounds like you've tried to pay your statement before it has been produced, which isn't possible. I'd recommend giving us a ring on 0345 300 4278 to discuss this further. You can select option 2 then option 0 to speak to an adviser directly.
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