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    Re: Paying your Credit Card
    09-08-16 , 20:43

    I cannot access my credit card account on line as a security code is required. I have tried a number of times for the security code to be sent to my mobile - it never arrives. I would add that my computer is the same one used to access my account previously over the past 3 years and my mobile no. has not changed - I have previously received texts on this mobile number from Tesco Bank. Yes, it is a Tesco mobile. To add insult, I also cannot now access my bank account. Any ideas on a way forward would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Re: Paying your Credit Card
    11-08-16 , 09:30

    Sorry to hear your access code has not arrived @GraL Our online Banking Team on telephone number 0345 300 3511 are best to help, they're available 24/7. If your computer is saying it's not recognised, when it normally is, then perhaps your history or cookies have been cleared or there's been an update on your browser which can cause this. If you prefer send a private message with your name, date of birth and post code to @ScottW and include @AdamF and we will see what we can do to help. Please use the following format A B 1 2 3 C D leaving a space between each character. Thanks
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