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    I think Tesco is living in the past with their lack of support for Android Pay (Google pay).
    In their description of Apple Pay, which they support, they mention fingerprint readers as a security feature, which Apple have not used for several years on their latest phones, but which Samsung and many other Android phones still do, as well as face recognition, which both Apple and some Android phones do!
    I'm disappointed that Tesco have this policy as I have recently purchased another Android phone having previously had an iPhone (I haven't sold that yet).
    Do I change credit card for a more progressive bank that does use Android Pay I'm now wondering? Not sure yet as Tesco do provide Payplus which can be used in Tesco stores, but I think that Tesco should be supporting Android Pay by now as many other banks do.
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    Get with the times, Tesco Bank - why discriminate against non iPhone users? Why limit customers' use of their Tesco card? Surely you'd rather have the business than not...? If I am out without my wallet, I rely on Google Pay to make purchases, but I am forced to use a different card. You are losing business on this, surely...?

    What is the actual reasoning behind the decision not to support google pay? I keep seeing "this was a business decision", but what is the actual rationale behind making things more inconvenient for a huge subset of your customers?
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    I am leaving my Tesco credit card for Sainsbury's. I made an account just to say this as i have been hoping for Tesco to allow google pay for the last few years. Sainburys has better point rewards and they actually allow google pay. Good job Tesco you have lost another card holder.
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    I've just applied for one as well....they do allow Google Pay on at least one of their credit cards. Tesco need to be a bit more progressive.