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    Tesco Delivery Saver v Santander Bank
    25-11-21 , 15:32

    Tesco are closing their Current Accounts

    BUT Tesco.com will not accept payments for my Delivery Saver from my other Bank Account at Santander.

    Please can you keep my Tesco Bank Account open until such time as Tesco.com And Santander have sorted this out.

    Or let me pay in advance for Delivery Saver before you close my Tesco Bank Account?
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    26-11-21 , 15:26

    Hi @Archibald, sorry to hear about that. We've made the decision to close all our Current Accounts on 30 November 2021. I'm afraid we're not able to extend this as all Current Accounts will automatically close on this date.

    It may be best contacting my colleagues at Tesco to see if they can offer you an alternative solution. They're trialling the WhatsApp messaging service to answer questions about your Delivery Saver account. You can send them a message via 0800 917 7403 or wa.me/448009177403 from mobile devices, Monday–Friday 9am–7pm, Saturday 9am–5pm, and Sunday 10am–6pm. You'll also find their full contact us page here. I hope you manage to get this sorted!
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