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    Hi I have just registered on this website, as I have received a text message saying that my Tescos account will be closed on 30th Nov 2021. I have found it almost impossible to bank funds into this account as the only store that accepts payments is the Roborough one in Plymouth which is a long way from where & live and work. I have just registered on here and will apply for online banking, so that I can have some form of access to the account and therefore use it. Can you confirm please that the account will not be closed, so I can start to use it accordingly. I only shop at tescos in Callington and thought I would be able to pay in at the store.

    I do not however want to get online banking with yourselves, pay in and then find that I lose the balance now I have received a text saying you are closing it.

    Can you advise please?
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    Hey @macporridge , can you confirm what type of account you hold with us?
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