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    Cancel Credit Card
    18-10-21 , 01:09

    Hi, Can you close my credit card? I've not using in over 9 months and the link below says it can be done via "Your Community" so here is my request.

    Do you require last 4 digits of card etc?


    "Close Credit Card Account
    If your account has no outstanding balance and has had no activity within the last two months, you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Your Community to arrange closure. If your account has been active within the last two months and/or you have an outstanding balance then please call us to arrange closure."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just seen a reply to another Cancel credit card thread so I've gone ahead and sent a PM to @Tesco-Bank
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    Best Answer
    18-10-21 , 06:35

    Hi Neil @Neil709

    You will receive a reply to your PM.
    Hope you remembered to enter your name, date of birth and post code within your message so they know its you.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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