• RainnBow121

    Close my credit card account
    15-10-21 , 14:32

    ​​​​​​​Close my credit card account
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    15-10-21 , 14:55

    Hi @RainnBow121, thanks for getting in touch. We're only able to close your account here if the account has seen no activity within the last 2 months. Is this the case? If so, please send us over a PM to @Tesco-Bank .

    If your account has been used within this time, please call 0345 300 4278 (Mon - Fri: 8am to 9pm, Sat - Sun: 8am - 6pm) and they will be able to arrange this for you. To reach a member of the team, press option 2 and enter in your credit card number. If you don't have that to hand, just press 0 and you will then be passed through.

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    16-10-21 , 06:38

    Hi @RainnBow121

    I'm really sorry to see you go.
    You can close your account via the instructions from KellyT.

    If your account has seen no activity within the last 2 months then you can ask the team here to do that for you.
    Just click on this link: https://yourcommunity.tescobank.com/...newpm&u=447614
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode.
    Complete it, click 'Submit Message' and this will send your message securely and privately.

    If that isn't the case, you can close the account by calling Tesco Bank on 0345 300 4278 or as an alternative you can write to Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT.
    Please just provide a cover letter stating you wish to close the card and include your personal details.

    Hope this helps!

    Have a lovely weekend, Caz @25H
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