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    No claims
    12-10-21 , 18:50

    So after 9 years of being claim free, this year in April I had to make a claim after a radiator leaked and ruined my ceiling. My question is now that I am doing my renewal I’m assuming I would enter 0 years of being claim free?
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    13-10-21 , 06:23

    Hi @ashleyb85

    That is right.
    You made a claim in April and it has not been a year yet so when asked how many years since you last claimed on your insurance it will be 0 years.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    14-10-21 , 08:59

    @ashleyb85 Hey Ashley, thanks for getting in touch. Are you currently insured with us at the moment, or are you looking to get a quote for a new policy with us? The reason I ask is because the step back rules are different in each scenario. So, if your policy is due for renewal with us, you may still retain 7 years at renewal. If you're purchasing a new policy from us, it'd be 0 as we ask for consecutive claim free years.
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