Refunds on Credit Card Statements

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    On reviewing my current transactions on my credit card I cannot understand the calculation of the total amount due on 2nd Oct as payment of my next direct debit. It does not seem to take into account a large returns payment credited back to my account a few days ago.

    In general I find the credit cards statements very difficult to ascertain what is actually included in the direct debit payment. The total of debits and credits from previous statements do not seem to accurately represent spend. Credits to the account don't seem to be included.

    Can you please explain the timing between the last debit included in the statement direct debit payment and also the time lag of when returns credits to an account are made. Your website states this is 48 hours but this has never been the case of any credits I have received.

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    @GSpence Hey Georgina, thanks for getting in touch. If you send a private message to @Tesco-Bank, I'll check this for you.