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    TUI Holiday Cancelled - Refund On Expired Credit Card
    16-09-21 , 08:00

    Morning all,

    Hoping I can get some support, please. I have been informed my TUI holiday will be cancelled today and I will be refunded to my credit card

    The Tesco credit card I used was an old card with a different credit card number on it? Will the refund still go back on my new Tesco credit card via association or do I need to go through the dreaded phone to TUI and tell them my card is now out of date.

    Appreciate any help
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    Best Answer
    16-09-21 , 09:03

    Hi @iprice606

    As you have the same card issuer/bank your refund will be automatically be credited to your account and go to your new card.

    Hope this helps!!

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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