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    funds deposited into instant saver yesterday isnt there today
    12-09-21 , 04:31

    i deposited funds into my instant saver from my bank and they havent gone into my saving account..
    is it because i did it on saturday? surly they should be in there by now?
    any help is appreciated thank you
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    12-09-21 , 07:56

    Hi @mika

    You are right, your funds should be there in your account.
    However online banking at Tesco Bank was down from 11pm on Saturday until this morning.
    Payments made normally take two hours, but may take up until the close of business the following day when the service is offline for maintenance.

    Hope this helps!!

    Warm wishes Caz @25H
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    13-09-21 , 10:13

    Hi @mika, sorry to hear about that. Did you manage to get this resolved? If @25H 's reply helped with your query, can you please accept this as a solution? This will help other users with similar questions :)

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