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    No benefits to the card after first 100 days
    11-09-21 , 10:32

    I have a Tesco current account until they close in a couple of months. I receive an extra clubcard point for every pound spent in Tesco, using the debit card/ The Tesco clubcard pay card also does this but only for the first 100 days. It needs to be a permanent feature or I will cancel. There is no other benefit for the customer. Tesco have the benefit of keeping your money in their bank account, earning them interest and not you. So I will get rid of card after 100 days unless this is changed.
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    11-09-21 , 13:27

    Hi @griffinpark22, I'm sorry to hear this. Feedback from some of our other customers, is that they also like that the account allows them to better manage their money and helps them save with the 'round up feature', I do appreciate that this won't apply to all of our customers. I've passed your feedback to the relevant team, thanks for reaching out to us.
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