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    No points or Clubcard price added after payment.
    04-09-21 , 07:39

    Hi, I need so advice and help.
    I used my card for the first time yesterday in a Tesco store. I received no points and missed out on 3 pounds worth of savings as it didn’t calculate even after payment. I was promised all points and Clubcard price would be added once paid, but that clearly isn’t the case.
    i have tried contacting CS, but no luck?
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    04-09-21 , 17:38

    Good evening @Iamcurtiscurtis ,

    I'm sorry to hear your card hasn't worked as expected.

    Do you still have your receipt from the transaction? If so the next time you are in store please visit the Customer Service Desk as they will be able to credit you for your points as well as give you a refund for the amount you should have said with Clubcard Pay+.
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