Defunct internet saver accounts

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    I have an old internet saver account on which the bonus interest period has ended so I have had to open a new internet saver account and transfer the balance into it. Can I ask why does the Bank make existing customers jump through totally unnecessary hoops like this?! At the very least we should be alerted when there is a better account option available.

    Moreover there is no way to close down the old account other than by calling the general phone number on which one is kept waiting for ages - can internet banking customers not be provided with a secure messaging facility? Thanks for considering these suggestions.
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    Hi @SUBIRSARKAR, thanks for getting in touch. Our best rates are always available to view via our website on this page. You can also close your savings account by writing to us with your details and signature at Tesco Bank, PO Box 27017, Glasgow, G2 9FH. I hope this helps!
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