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    Are pin services (change / unlock pin) down at the moment for Tesco Bank?
    01-09-21 , 10:32

    Morning !

    Forgot my pin and locked my credit card. Phoned up yesterday and unlocked my pin, tried a Natwest atm a couple of hours later but it failed to unlock the card. Thought it might be a batch overnight process but I tried again this morning in a HSBC atm and I still can't unlock my card, it returns an error message.

    When I was on hold for a long time yesterday there was a recorded message about issues with Tesco's systems, is there an issue with the process that unlocks blocked cards do you know ?
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    02-09-21 , 08:22

    Hi @Chrisb10, sorry to hear that! I'm not currently aware of any issues with this. So we can take a closer look, can you please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank ? We'll then be able to investigate further.
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