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    Loan payments
    22-08-21 , 14:26

    Hi, I was wondering can you make extra payments off your tesco loan. If so, how? Thank you
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    23-08-21 , 04:10

    Hi @Michelle1978

    You can make extra payments on your Tesco loan and there's no penalty.
    When you make an overpayment, it can be used to reduce the overall term of the loan or how much you pay on a monthly basis, and it can also result in an additional interest rebate.

    • Online - as a bank transfer using your Tesco Bank Loan sort code and account number.
    • Over the phone - by calling 0345 600 6016
    • By cheque - made payable to 'Tesco Bank' with your loan account number and sort code written on the back.

    Hope this helps!!

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    23-08-21 , 12:53

    Hi @Michelle1978, thanks for getting in touch. If you make an additional loan repayment, please give the Loans team a call on the number @25H shared above so they can either reduce your term of your monthly repayments.
    @25H thanks as always for your help here.
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