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    No letter from Tesco re closure
    18-08-21 , 08:21

    I have just found out about the current account closure on the MSN website. Why have I not had a letter or email telling me this? I shouldn't have to find out on a website I just happened to be on. I do not use the online banking for Tesco much as everything happens via DD and I get paper statements. Tesco need to keep loyal customers informed. Not impressed.
    And now they are telling us not to try and close our accounts as it is overloading the system. What did they expect people to do?
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    18-08-21 , 10:39

    Hi @Jaylou, I'm really sorry that you've not received the letter notifying you of this. We've recently issued letters to advise all Current Account customers so I'm not sure why this hasn't arrived in the post in the past week or so. I've added a link below to our website which contains useful information about the closure process. Apologies for any inconvenience this decision has caused for you. Since we announced our Current Accounts are closing, we’ve received a high number of requests for current account switches. Because of this, we’re temporarily asking our customers not to request a switch to a new bank at the moment. However, as soon as we're able to process new Switch requests we'll provide a further update on our website. If you've already requested a Switch and this has been declined, then we'll send a SMS to let you know once you can re-submit the request. I hope this helps to clarify things for you.

    Tesco Bank Current Accounts are closing - Tesco Bank

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