Odd Tesco letter received today

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    My wife received an odd letter from Tesco's today suggesting they had not been able to contact her titled

    We need to confirm your mobile phone number and email address.

    It says We recently tried to contact you about your account. However, the message couldn't be delivered because it appears we do not have a correct mobile phone number and email address. on file for you.

    So we couldn't understand why it was saying that and to be fair it threw up alarm bells from spam email experience etc that this may not be a legit letter. The reason for this is that over the last few days she has received all expected texts and emails etc. I checked the number at the top of the list, we don't normally ring Tesco that much so it was the first one we might have rung if contacting them. It was labelled Online Banking Helpdesk: 0345 601 0900* but I just did a google search for it and it did not come up as tesco's curiously. I then checked the standard place for Tesco phone contacts and it did not appear on anything I could find but the other numbers did.

    My instinct is that this is not a legit letter but hey we logged onto my wife's bank account and checked out the registered Mobile and her eMail and it all looked ok some of things in the address but just the usual UK stuff. We double checked and re entered them anyway. So I then logged into my Account and checked the same stuff and there were items marked as please check (Perhaps i'll get a similar letter) so I re-entered my own details too. Apart from the markers being cancelled nothing seemed that different.

    Anyway all a bit odd I feel especially as Tesco's had been contacting the wife over the previous few hours and days according to her email and text threads. Nowhere were there any indications that she needed to respond at all though just the usual bank transaction notifications etc.

    Is this normal by chance - i guess it is but very worrying for an hour or so.
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    Hi @unwina, I'm sorry about this. These letters can be generated automatically if just one text message fails to deliver to you. If you have both checked your accounts and your details are correct then there will be nothing to worry about. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Thanks @JoeC I see what you mean, perhaps we were out of signal area for a while when that happened. My worry was that the main phone number could not be found online other than in suspect numbers.

    We have decided it was ok in the end and just chucked it in the bin after shredding it!.

    ​​​​​​​Thanks for the steer
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