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    Using tesco credit card for paypal credit
    04-08-21 , 02:38

    Is there a fee or interest charged if I use my Tescp credit card for an eBay purchase and choose the PayPal credit option (to pay monthly rather than in one go)? Asking cos I know Tesco charge interest on klarna. Thanks
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    04-08-21 , 08:50

    Hi @Catslovelycats, thanks for getting in touch. This type of payment would be considered as repaying borrowing and would therefore be classed as a cash transaction. We consider the following types of payments to be cash transactions: wire/international money transfers, repaying borrowing, purchasing non-Sterling currency outside of Tesco, payments to prepaid or virtual cards, purchasing gift cards, investments and share trading.

    More information on cash transaction fees can be found in the below article. Hope this clarifies things!

    What is a Cash Transaction fee?

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