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    24-06-21 , 14:00

    Using Apple Pay probably explains why I’ve not received many double clubcard points. As with ‘Faster payments’ I’ve had to wait a whole weekend for the other persons money to credit. I’ve now found the ‘round up’ opt out button in settings and switched this off. I use my share save account for savings and getting a much better interest return on my savings >15%

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    I generally find the transfer can take anywhere between 5 mins to a whole weekend if transferred late on a Friday evening.
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    24-06-21 , 14:30

    I haven't used ApplePay in a Tesco store yet but I'm definitely getting Clubcard points for ApplePay transactions made outside of Tesco using Clubcard Pay+. It would seem strange not to get these in store.
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    As an existing Tesco Clubcard credit card holder, I'd be interested to know the advantages of Clubcard Pay+. I've applied for one, but for me, the greatest disincentive to shop in Tesco is the withdrawal from the Clubcard Partners of British Airways Avios as I have been saving for a special trip to New Zealand. Given that Clubcard has also withdrawn from Esso, I have transferred my allegiance to Nectar. Yes you can claim lower prices in shop, by are they really? My weekly shopping bill seems to be heading in the other direction.
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    25-06-21 , 10:29

    Thanks for passing on your feedback @pegerton, we'll share all the comments with our team. I've added a link below which includes some handy information about the key features and benefits of the Clubcard Pay+ account. Hope this helps :)

    Tesco Clubcard Pay. Powered by Tesco Bank
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