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    Chargeback info
    17-06-21 , 12:12

    i made a Tesco Bank chargeback claim for flights that were cancelled in December 20. I submitted all the documentation that was requested and received an automatic acknowledgment on April 13th 21. The silence from Tesco has been almost as deafening as the silence from TAP (Portugal’s main air carrier) - how do I find out what is happening, and more importantly, when I am likely to receive the c£1000 I am owed. Thanks for any advice you can offer
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    Best Answer
    17-06-21 , 12:20

    Hi @caroleannwag, I'm sorry to hear this. Please send us a private message to @Tesco-Bank and we will assist further. I hope this helps!
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    23-06-21 , 15:45

    I sent in details of my claim and received an automated response on 10th August 2020.

    Since then I've heard nothing.

    The email said "We are currently facing high volumes and are aiming to respond to all requests within 6 weeks." You've now had well over 6 months - what's going on?!

    (I've sent a message to @Tesco-Bank and await a response from them too.)
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    23-06-21 , 17:17

    Hey @Andrew1965 , I'm so sorry to hear about this. I've replied to your private message now :)

    Once we get your details, we'll look further into this and investigate what's happened here. I'm so sorry for your wait!
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