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    Replacement credit card is hideous
    01-06-21 , 09:39

    I've just received a replacement credit card. The old card was such a great design with the strawberry graphic. At first sight I thought the replacement card was one of those free pretend cards that occasionally turn up as unsolicited marketing. But it's my new Tesco credit card. It looks like it's part of your Value Range. Did you have to spend any money on the redesign, because I think maybe you've been ripped off.

    I know it shouldn't matter but maybe you should have considered what this says about Tesco as a brand. The old card said stylish, modern, quality; this one says, cheap, shoddy, rubbish quality, styleless and depressing.
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    01-06-21 , 09:43

    Hi @ShoppingTrolleyDolly, I'm sorry to hear about that. I'll pass on your comments about the card design as feedback today.
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    02-06-21 , 14:57

    @ShoppingTrolleyDolly Hey, just out of interest. Can I ask what type of design you would like on your card? The design is to match other cards provided by Tesco (like the Clubcard), but would love to hear what you would choose as a design!

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    08-06-21 , 10:11

    I think it's a great card. For me it's used for a purpose, I get it out of my wallet, swipe or key in the number then put it away. I don't go look at my CC, I also do not sit at home looking at it. I think its a good solid colour and can carryout its purpose. What extra value does art on a card that is 99.9% placed in my wallet never comes out.
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