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    Loan Application
    10-05-21 , 11:22

    Quote Originally Posted by RossM View Post
    Hi everyone and welcome to the Tesco Clubcard Pay group,

    This is the place to share all your experiences with Tesco Clubcard Pay, as well as any suggestions you have. But first of all, we’d love to hear all about:

    • How your application went? Was it smooth or did you hit any bumps?
    • Now you’ve got your Tesco Clubcard Pay, how’s it going? Have you used it yet?
    • Do you have any favourite features?
    • What attracted you to apply for Tesco Clubcard Pay?

    The team and I will create some topics here to get you started, but please start your own too. I can’t wait to hear how you’ve been using your Tesco Clubcard Pay and making the most of all the features and benefits.

    Dear Ross,

    Many thanks for your email and I am very keen to learn more about my loan application as I am still waiting for answers.
    Kind regards
    ​​​​​​​D Richards
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    10-05-21 , 13:24

    Hi @DavidRi77, thanks for getting in touch. Please send us a private message to @Tesco-Bank and we will look into this for you. I hope this helps!
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    10-05-21 , 13:31

    Hi David @DavidRi77

    I'm sorry to hear you're still waiting.

    I see JoeC has asked that you send them a private message and they will look into this for you.

    Click on this link Tesco-Bank then scroll down, on the left hand side click 'Send Private Message'.
    Complete it, click 'Submit Message' and this will send your message securely and privately.
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode along with any details.

    You will receive a reply to your private message, with the appropriate response.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    14-05-21 , 12:00

    Hey @DavidRi77 , just wanted to reach out to see if you got everything sorted?

    Sign up for our Beta here

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

    Also, feel free to Introduce Yourself and have fun in Off-topic too!

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