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    Tesco Pet Insurance excess
    04-05-21 , 13:24

    My dog has just been very ill.
    Received treatment at my normal vet then as it was an emergency was transferred to a near vet hospital for overnight care.
    I have paid both invoices.
    I consider it to be the same claim though it involved two places.
    My query is am I liable for 2 excesses or just the one?
    Thank you
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    Best Answer
    04-05-21 , 13:52

    Hi @davewg59

    I'm sorry to hear your dog has been very ill.

    The best way to get your query answered would be to contact the Pet Insurance Team on 0345 078 3895 (Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm) who will be only too happy to help.

    Alternatively you can email them at tesco.petinsurance@uk.rsagroup.com

    Please quote your policy number.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    04-05-21 , 14:03

    Hi @davewg59, I'm really sorry to hear about that! I'm afraid we don't have access to Pet Insurance policies here. It would be best to contact the Pet Insurance Team on the above number or email and my colleagues will be able to assist further. I hope you're able to get this sorted!

    Thanks for helping with this @25H
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