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    The Great Outdoors
    26-03-21 , 14:44

    Being stuck inside for the best part of a year has really made me appreciate the amazing natural scenery of our islands much more than I did before. Whether it’s imposing hills and mountains, picturesque sandy beaches, or just the stroll to the local shops on a sunny day, it’s never a bad thing to take a moment to appreciate what we have around us.

    Some views just need captured as photographs though. Here’s a photo I took on my trip to the (very grey but still striking) Loch Lee in Cairngorms National Park in the north of Scotland in August last year:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Believe it or not, this actually constitutes a summer’s day up here…

    ​​​​​​​It would be great to see everybody’s photos of the sights they’ve seen when out and about, or even just to hear some stories about these adventures, no matter how big or small. Please share these in the replies below 😊
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    02-04-21 , 12:22

    I have a week off coming up and we are planning some walks! Will post some pics when I am back. You need to keep us updated on some of your adventures @JoeC

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    23-04-21 , 12:29

    I'm lucky, I have a fairly large garden which I have been gradually shaping into the way that I want and enabling me to manage it later in life. I have constructed several raised beds and am now laying a path which is proving to be a bit of a challenge due to the sloping nature of the garden but by taking my time, I have achieved a fairly flat and even path. I'm now gradually moving vegetable plants grown from seed out into their growing space for the summer so lockdown has not been too much of a challenge for me. That said, I am looking forward to several trips out in my caravan during the coming summer as I've missed that.
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    26-04-21 , 10:21

    Hey @pegerton that's great that you've had that project to work on to pass the time during lockdown and get your garden looking good for the future! Please keep us updated on your travels in your caravan! 😃
    @RossM , I'll definitely keep everyone posted when I start venturing out further from home!
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