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    Clubcard Credit Card & ApplePay in store
    16-02-21 , 20:22

    I have had a Clubcard Credit Card for probably 20 years. So the credit card and clubcard are intigrated together. This has always been a Visa card. However now that Tesco no longer support the Visa credit card (which sadly was never contactless) they have changed me to a Mastercard which still shows my clubcard number on it. Upon reading FAQ's it appears that if I was to use ApplePay in store then I am supposed to present my Clubcard first. So if I am presenting my card then there is no point in using Applepay on my watch which I do with other cards everywear. So in store I assume that I would just continue to use Tesco Pay+ then?
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    16-02-21 , 20:47

    Hi @Swiftie

    You are right in that you need to present your Clubcard first if paying by ApplePay.

    Tesco Pay+ is a free payment app to make payments, collect Clubcard points and track your spending in any UK Tesco store or petrol station.

    Hope this helps!! Caz@25H
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    17-02-21 , 08:14

    ​​​​​​​Good Morning @Swiftie

    I only ever use the Clubcard Mastercard to pay at the pump for petrol, avoids going inside the kiosk.

    In Store i always use Tesco Pay+ which is just brilliant, particularly at the self service checkouts.

    A quick scan, payment made and points collected, job done ! ✅

    Best Wishes, Chris, @CSKBrambles
  • heanor_man_34

    17-02-21 , 22:57

    It's totally up to you @Swiftie .

    The feature has been disabled at the moment due to issues surrounding adding the Clubcard to Apple Wallet but when it's enabled again you'll be able to double click the side button on your Watch to bring up the QR code by scrolling through your stored cards, then choosing whichever card you wish to make the payment with.

    Apple do have a feature whereby you're able to bring up a loyalty card near to a payment terminal automatically but only a handful of retailers in America and Australia have made use of it.
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