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    02-02-21 , 14:08

    Like many parents, I have been facing juggling the challenges of educating my son at home at the same time as my full-time job. When I started researching into people's opinions on the best way to approach this I was hearing many approaches from rigid home-schooling timetables pinned to the wall, to a more relaxed approach that relies heavily on freedom and Youtube.

    I wondered how community members are getting on with homeschooling and if they can offer any tips to help us all manage the difficult task of balancing teaching, working, and personal time?
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    04-02-21 , 15:27

    My brother's still at school and he's struggling with the whole online aspect. I've helped chip in with my mum for a tutor for him which he finds really helpful.
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    04-02-21 , 16:06

    Sorry RossM
    I'm unable to assist you with this as I don't have any children to home-school.
    I would expect it is not a 'one size fit's all' scenario and I'm sure it's challenging at times to juggle everything.😀
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