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    What are some of your favorite Podcasts?
    11-01-21 , 11:40

    I will always remember the first podcast I ever listened to. It was Serial season 1 back in 2014, I listened to it all in one day whilst on the train between Glasgow and London and it made that journey really easy and enjoyable. Since then, I’ve been hooked on listening to podcasts (I'm listening to United Zingdom as I write this). They really make my attempt of hitting 10k steps per day that bit easier and can turn a mundane task into something more bearable.

    I wanted to share a bunch of my favorites that I’ve listened to recently and ask for some new recommendations from the community. Do you have a favorite podcast that I can binge listen to?

    The Isolation Tapes
    A great comedy podcast from Elis James and John Robins about the tedium of lockdown, this has had me laughing for months now.

    Twenty Twenty
    A pop culture podcast around the '00s. Hosts Simran and Tara, explore how it feels to return to the defining songs, shows, and movies of their childhoods. Being in my teens around 2000, this has plenty of nostalgia moments and good guests.

    Grounded with Louis Theroux
    I am a huge Louis Theroux fan, so this was a must-listen. He decided to record these shows due to be not being able to record documentaries during the lockdown and they have been great. With guests like Boy George, Helena Bonham Carter and Sia it is a must-listen in my opinion
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    11-01-21 , 12:44

    Getting into a few podcasts now....... Check out Rebel City Podcast :-)
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    11-01-21 , 13:42

    Hi @RossM

    Sounds like you're really busy with podcasts!!!!

    Podcasts is something I've not got into, I don't seem to have a good length of time to dedicate to them.
    I think they're a 'marmite' thing 😀

    I do like Louis Theroux and his work. I've seen many of his programmes.
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    11-01-21 , 15:06

    Hey everyone! Thanks for those recommendations @RossM and @Scooter , will definitely check those out. Serial is also one of the first podcasts I listened to and it got me hooked!

    I listen to podcasts all the time, especially while cleaning and when I'm out a walk. I'm True Crime obsessed, so that's mainly what I listen to. Not sure if it's your thing @RossM , but here are a few of my favourites:

    My Favorite Murder - This is a true crime and comedy podcast which sounds a bit odd, but it's really good!

    Generation Why - Another true crime podcast focusing on a new case each week, really detailed and interesting.

    Man In The Window - A podcast about the Golden State Killer, still one of the craziest stories ever!

    Always looking for recommendations, so looking forward to hearing from everyone else :)
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    11-01-21 , 15:28

    Hey, so many good recommendations! I'm always looking for new podcasts to listen to and have them on repeat, especially during lockdown! I love a bit of true crime too so will definitely check out the ones that @ChristinaG has mentioned :) 'West Cork' is one of my personal favourites true crime wise. At the moment I'm listening to the 'The Guilty Feminist' and 'Made of Human with Sofie Hagan.' A few people have also recommended 'How to fail with Elizabeth Day' so that's next on my list :)
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    11-01-21 , 16:02

    Quote Originally Posted by ChristinaG View Post
    I'm True Crime obsessed, so that's mainly what I listen to.

    I'm worried about getting on your wrong side with these choices...
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    11-01-21 , 18:44

    Podcasts is one of the things on my to do list, I've still to listen to one can you believe @RossM ?!

    I've had a few things recommended to me, two of the ones I'll probably start with are 'Sh**ged Married Annoyed', and then Luisa Zissman's 'Loose Lips'. I've also heard good things about Michelle Obama's podcast.

    I'll make an effort to start these now!
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    12-01-21 , 08:35

    Quote Originally Posted by sarah_d View Post
    I've still to listen to one can you believe @RossM?!

    They are so good for workouts and walks etc, I've seen myself looking forward to a long walk as I am excited to hear the next episode of a pod that I've got really into. Let me know if any of those ones you've listed are good :)
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    12-01-21 , 09:35

    Some good recommendations here, I'll be sure to check some out. I listen to loads, mainly True Crime and History.

    My favourites at the moment are 'Son of a Hitman'; this is about the actor Woody Harrelson's dad who was convicted of murdering a federal judge. Crazy! 'The Manson Experiment' about Charles Manson and his 'family' and how his crimes could have been prevented, 'Confronting OJ Simpson' and 'Caliphate' by a NY Times journalist investigating ISIS. 'Criminology' is great too, and the first couple of seasons focus on the Zodiac killer case which is really interesting.

    For History I listen to; 'Dan Carlin's Hardcore History', 'the History of Rome', 'Ben Franklin's World' and BBC's 'In Our Time' & 'History Extra'.

    I've been listening to 'Talking Sopranos' too whilst rewatching the show and they break the series down episode by episode and interview different cast members, writers etc each week. If you liked the show I'd definitely recommend it!
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    12-01-21 , 17:52

    I have only ever listened to one music podcast !

    It's by my sister Dawn Kelly, and Neil Bailey who met in Bristol, and formed a band called Magpie 22

    I have absolutely no idea how the name come about, twice as much joy maybe ?

    Anyway, they love performing, are never gonna make any money out of it, but nothing will stop them.

    They spent a month in Nashville before the pandemic doing gigs, i'm not their greatest fan but... you may think differently !

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