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    Does payment amount change?
    06-01-21 , 11:10

    I have a Tesco Bank Clubcard credit card. Statements are generated on the 15th of each month and the full balance is always taken from my bank account on the following 30th of the month (or soon after).

    If I make a one-off payment to my account, to reduce the outstanding balance if I am close to my credit limit for example, how much is taken by the direct debit? Is it the balance as shown on my statement? Or is the direct debit reduced by the amount of my one-off payment?

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    Best Answer
    06-01-21 , 11:45

    Hi @JohnJaques, thanks for your message. Your direct debit will adjust and only collect the amount that is outstanding. If you make a payment before the direct debit has been taken, this will automatically be adjusted so you won't need to amend anything on your end. Hope this helps :)
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    06-01-21 , 11:48

    Hi @JohnJaques

    If you pay a one-off payment then the direct debit will take the reduced outstanding balance if you pay the FULL outstanding balance every month.
    However if your direct debit is for an amount between the minimum payment and the outstanding balance then it will still take the the monthly debit as set up, up to the maximum of the outstanding balance.
    Hope this helps!!
    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    06-01-21 , 14:36

    Hi @JohnJaques,

    Your direct debit will be adjusted to collect just the amount that is outstanding.

    If you make a one off payment, this will be taken into account, and your direct debit payment is automatically reduced to reflect the amount that you have already paid.

    Kindest regards, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    12-01-21 , 10:40

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