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    Contactless Payments via mobile
    29-12-20 , 13:52

    I've been using my Tesco Credit card through my i-phone for what seems like years.

    I've just switched to an Android phone and find that while my other cards are supported my Tesco credit card won't work with Google Pay. I called customer services who knew about the issue but no reason why was given or if this will change. It is surely a mistake to not support such a huge platform as Google Pay.

    Any reason for this? Any timetable for changing? I use my Tesco Credit card all the time, but through my phone. I will either connect a different card to my phone or have to dig out my Tesco card every time I want to pay for something. Its unlikely to be the latter.

    ​​​​​​​Very disappointed
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    29-12-20 , 14:28

    Hey @TimP , thanks for your message. We don't have any plans to support Google Pay at the moment, however if this changes we will notify our customers via our website and social media channels. As an Android user myself, I appreciate how frustrating this is and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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    29-12-20 , 15:14

    Hi @TimP

    I can appreciate how dissappointed you are with your Tesco credit card not working on Google Pay.
    ChristopherP has confirmed I see Tesco have no plans at present to support Google Pay.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    29-12-20 , 16:06

    Sorry @TimP

    I went the opposite way around, moving from Android to iPhone.

    One of the main reasons for switching was for the Apple Pay mobile payments.
    I completely understand your disappointment, but there are currently no plans for Tesco Bank to support Google pay on Android phones.

    Best wishes, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    19-02-21 , 17:48

    Hey @ChristopherP , If the business you work for frustrates you and you find yourself having to constantly apologize for it, why do you still work for them?

    Most of the people who raise this issue will simply move to a different bank (I'd like to say forward thinking bank but I think practically any bank will do), maybe you should join them and move to a different employer!!
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