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    Mobile app update useless
    18-12-20 , 09:10

    On this updated version of the mobile app I have lost the ability to see what I've spent since my last statement.
    The app feels very basic in sofar that the only available information is balance and transactions.
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    18-12-20 , 09:40

    Hi @Morri

    I'm sorry to learn of your disappointment, i use the mobile app myself and really like it.

    Please click on the arrow adjacent to your card number on the home page, it will open up all your transactions.

    A great way to see what you've spent is to set up real time notifications on the app.

    Go to Account Management, then Account Notifications,

    Select contactless payments, online transactions, and/or foreign transactions.

    You can also set up your own transaction limits here.

    This shows you everything spent since your last statement in real time.

    Hope this helps, best wishes,

    Chris @CSKBrambles
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    18-12-20 , 11:22

    Thanks for stepping in and confirming this useful information, @CSKBrambles - Keigan
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    19-12-20 , 14:17

    Thanks CSK Brambles, you are always great at supplying us with the correct information however I’m with Morri on this.

    all I can see on the app is my balance, all transactions and a button to make a payment.

    there is no account management button that I can see.

    are there different views on different devices????

    im using an android smartphone for my app
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    19-12-20 , 20:59

    Hi @Gills1901

    I have an Apple iPhone, but don't see why there should be a difference.

    It could be that you don't have the latest version of the mobile banking app on your Android ?

    Iwould suggest deleting the app from your Android, then downloading the latest version.

    Here's the link to download on Google Play to your Android Phone.


    Kindest Regards,

    Chris, @CSKBrambles
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