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    November winners
    17-12-20 , 17:11

    This is our last winners’ announcement of 2020, but I’m pleased to tell you we’re extending the Clubcard trial one final time until 28 February 2021, which means more points up for grabs.

    What started off as a 3 month trial, has been running for almost 10 months, and I’m sure you’ll agree the time has flown by. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

    Remember if you’ve won this month check out our post on how to claim your Clubcard points. You have 30 days from today to claim your prize.

    Badge winners

    We have 30 winners this month, each winning between 150 – 500 Clubcard points. The winners are @wcevans1978; @crb227; @25H; @CSKBrambles; @heanor_man_34; @nyckuk; @Purrecttune; @AustinA40; @richy01908; @MarkC; @pennyJ; @DuncanT; @billcreighton; @silver; @richydraper; @Tarian; @Mwich; @sw1mb0ytesc0; @logan5; @Stevefaz; @Briqual; @Yong; @Jaliachar; @minnie77uk, @hosm232; @Webby68; @GWSheppard; @Kucharczyk1308; @Naomi19; @CatherineB

    Top Contributors

    We want to award @Sheena1975; @wcevans1978 and @crb227, each winning 1500 points. I want to thank you for the time you’ve spent giving us feedback in November, we know time is precious, but your feedback has been invaluable. And a special thanks to @Sheena1975 for spending an hour with our research team giving us feedback on Your Community and our platform (along with @CSKBrambles ). There may be more opportunities to get involved in the future so please tell us if this is something you would like to be part of.


    It’s been great getting to know @25H and @CSKBrambles better last month, you both contribute so much to Your Community. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. You’ve posted 129 times between you, had 98 likes which shows how much you help others.

    As we come to the end of the year, there’s still time to register and get involved. We’ve just posted in our Beta groups so if you’re part of those groups, it’d be great if you can try this new way of testing and let us know your thoughts. If you do, you’ll be in with a chance of winning some points.

    You can find our full terms and conditions for the trial here. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to comment below or send me a private message.

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    17-12-20 , 17:52

    Absolutely Brilliant News !

    Thank you so much Sarah, it's so much appreciated.

    Congratulations to all of this month's winners, very well done.

    Wishing everyone on the Tesco Bank community a very Merry Christmas ! 🎄

    Best Wishes, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    17-12-20 , 18:42


    Thank you so much Sarah.
    Well done to all of the winner's!!

    Hope you, all the team and everyone here on the community have a lovely Merry Christmas.

    Take care and stay safe, Caz @25H
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    17-12-20 , 23:28

    Wow, thanks @sarah_d. I've really enjoyed helping out with the testing this month, and the latest task is on my to do list for this weekend once I’ve finished work for Christmas! 🎉

    Well done to all the other winners, and hope you all have a nice Christmas!

    Caleb @crb227
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    31-12-20 , 11:41

    WOW! Like the others I am really shocked 😮

    I would like to Thank Everybody there at Tesco Bank and all the existing customers using the
    forum who we need to make this all possible.

    I can honestly say I have enjoyed the new improvements made to the app so far and like many
    others am looking forward to testing more going forward. I am happy to see another new feature
    which I only found this morning by mistake (True Layer) support via my Rent Reporting Company
    "Credit Ladder" which is another added bonus.

    I hope everybody had a Fantastic Christmas and going forward has an even better New Year 😀😀
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