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    100k members strong
    06-12-20 , 12:02

    We’ve hit a major milestone here at Your Community, we’ve reached 100,000 registered users. A huge thank you to everyone who has joined and is part of Your Community.

    The platform was launched 5 years ago and it’s amazing to see how far we we’ve come in that time. It’s fantastic to see you all joining in with conversations and helping other others where possible, this is genuinely what has helped Your Community be so successful.

    This year has been a particularly busy one now that we have moved to our new platform and I really hope you’re enjoying the new layout. This is only the beginning of an exciting journey and I’ll share any new updates with you over the next few months.

    I’d love you to share some of your experiences using the site or your reasons for joining Your Community in the comments below. Or if there’s any thing else you want to see or have some feedback/ideas then feel free to let us know or send me a private message.

    Thanks again for your support,

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    06-12-20 , 13:31

    Hi Sarah @sarah_d
    I noticed we went over the 100,000 users mark earlier today whjen I logged in, that's just amazing!!
    Just shows how many people are getting something from the site, from other members and the Tesco Bank Community Team.
    Really pleased to see its continuing 😀
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    07-12-20 , 13:00

    Whoo hoo ! that’s quite a following, Sarah, @sarah_d

    Just imagine Wembley stadium full to capacity with another 10,000 on the pitch !

    Which only goes to prove, when you offer something truly worthwhile, people will want to get involved.
    Congratulations Tesco Bank, you’re obviously doing something right,

    ​​​​​​​Bravo you !

    Best Regards, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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