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    Find out who our October winners are
    20-11-20 , 11:38

    October was a busy month here at Your Community. Not only are we rapidly approaching one hundred thousand registered users, but we also had lots of new members joining in discussions. I hope you’re all enjoying the new platform now you have had over a month to see what new features it has to offer, keep an eye out for more exciting changes in the coming months.

    Looking back over the October posts, there were some amazing discussions and it’s always hard to pick some winners, but there are a few members who really stood out this month. You’ve got 30 days from today to claim your prize. Remember to check our post on how to claim your Clubcard points.

    Badge winners
    We’ve got 44 badge winners this month, each winning 150 – 500 Clubcard points. We’re also awarding some points to members that have given us feedback in our Online Banking Beta group during October and our Mobile Banking App Beta group this month, thanks so much for your feedback as we tested our new Pay by Bank feature and our app re-design. The winners are – @Sheena1975; @madcatlady1; @ukbob; @Hobohobo; @SALSA58; @SM61; @Thismayhurt66; @crb227; @M166164; @jack2805; @sfarrar; @Celia; @swish_van; @Albion08; @AnnC22; @Devilmatters; @nia91; @KevBelsey; @jleverton; @Ly1; @botanics; @Lawton57; @Shizp; @akeast1; @Benj888; @neilmcl1; @Imorris86; @Wildmeg; @Lozza2; @Doorstep; @Philbromhead; @Winsh94; @mrsc050604; @Paddys888; @tomkruzik; @jeanban; @Rosenelly; @Mick68; @tjk2307; @wcvans1978; @CSKBrambles; @DCWorcs; @CJR356; @25H; @ROYSTON1963; @Slayney; @Rosalyn; @heanor_man_34; @Manneveru; @10ml-john; @Benevenio; @minnie77uk; @1S; @Scottmk84; @mealmond; @hosm232; @AliMP​​​​​​​

    Top contributors
    Congratulations to @Sheena1975 and @heanor_man_34. You’ve each won 1500 Clubcard points. Throughout the month you’ve contributed to 13 posts and combined you received over 60 thumbs up from other users. @heanor_man_34 started a discussion around our plans for Christmas with this fantastic post that had not only community members replying, but a few of our staff also joined the conversation.


    Once again, we need to recognise @25H and @CSKBrambles for their amazing contributions to Your Community. Throughout the month they’ve combined replied over 150 times which is a huge achievement and they really helped fellow members all month. They got 89 thumbs up from other members showing just how helpful you’ve been. I can’t wait to see your posts in November.

    I look forward to seeing what discussions we all have this month. If you haven’t registered yet, go ahead. It’s never too late to join in here at Your Community. And for our Beta users, please give us as much feedback as possible and you’ll be in with a chance of winning some Clubcard points.

    Remember, we award different badges for activity each month and you can find our full terms and conditions for the trial here.

    If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to comment below or send me a private message.

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    20-11-20 , 13:07

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks Sarah ! @sarah_d

    I’ve had such an amazing time helping out here this month, and I’m delighted to pick up another reward.
    ​​​​​​​Gratefully received and much appreciated!

    Congratulations to all this month’s winners.

    Good luck everyone !

    Regards, @CSKBrambles
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    20-11-20 , 13:18

    Just one word for it Sarah AM-A-ZING.

    Thank you so much for my award @sarah_d and well done to all of the winners.

    Caroline @25H
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    21-11-20 , 12:27

    Thank you for the points @sarah_d and well done to all the other winners! :)
  • heanor_man_34

    26-11-20 , 22:22

    Fantastic-once again, thank you very much.

    Wish I had more time to participate but, as ever, the Community is in safe hands with @25H and @CSKBrambles .

    Well done to everyone involved and thank you to @sarah_d and @tes co-bank for letting us get involved.
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