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    19-12-20 , 14:11

    There doesn’t seem to tell you on the new app what your minimum payment due is or by what date
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    06-01-21 , 14:18

    Quote Originally Posted by Gills1901 View Post
    There doesn’t seem to tell you on the new app what your minimum payment due is or by what date

    Hi ​​​​​​​@Gills1901, sorry for the delayed response.

    Your minimum payment is displayed on the new home screen of the App, underneath your Credit Card balance. If you have already paid your minimum payment a message will be displayed telling you how much you have paid.

    ​​​​​​​You can also see your minimum payment when you select "Make a payment", and select either "Pay by bank" or "Pay by debit card", the minimum payment will be displayed on the next screen under the statement balance.
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    06-01-21 , 14:46

    Hi @Gills1901

    I see Jonathan_C has replied to your query!!
    Hope that helps!!

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    14-07-21 , 15:33

    Hello Peeps. I'm very new to threads and posts so if I make a muck of this I'm sorry. I think I'm doing this correctly, so here goes. The last couple of times I've paid my credit card bill it has been on Tesco's new upgraded system. It looks very flashy but I do so miss the old system...the one where they sent you a text saying' thanks for payment' and the little box that said 'payment pending' Maybe I worry too much but I'm not happy until I can see it's paid. Anybody else not like the new system? Is it only me?
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    16-07-21 , 07:25

    Hi @catflap , sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this. Thanks for your feedback on the new payment system, I'll get this raised with our Online Banking team. I'm sorry you don't like the new online payment experience, this was introduced to streamline it with the mobile app experience as well as to best suit our new online banking system. If there's anything we can do to help with this, please let us know!
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