Feedback & discussions board
21-10-20 , 19:30

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a quick introduction for the feedback & discussions board.

This is the place where we’d really like to hear about your experiences with Tesco Bank, as well as any suggestions you have that can be considered for the future. Please share:

  • Ideas you have for us to look at
  • Ways in which we can improve things right now
  • If any information or FAQs are unclear around the website, tell me how we can add to them or improve them
  • Issues you’ve had (outside of your own personal account)

This is a discussion environment and I really want to hear from you, so please be as open and detailed as possible. Myself and the community team will also post a few discussions in which we’ll ask for feedback on specific things throughout the next year, so please look out for those!

If you have any questions, feel free to post below.