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    18-05-21 , 12:37

    Hi @jill2308, thanks for getting in touch. We recently made changes to our online platform that has resulted in being no longer able to download transaction information in all previously allowed formats. We will be reviewing the download formats available over the coming months so I would ask that you keep an eye on the Community pages for further updates.
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    18-05-21 , 12:48

    Hi @jill2308

    I'm sorry but i can't confirm this for you.

    There are no plans currently to reinstate the .qif format for transaction downloads.

    That's not to say that it won't happen at some point, but there's no imminent announcement of changes that i'm aware of.

    Kindest Regards,

    Chris @CSKBrambles
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    18-05-21 , 16:34

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeC View Post
    Hi @xxxrowdyyatesxxx, thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid that we only support .csv and .tsv formats at the moment. I will pass on your comment as some feedback which we constantly review to improve our services.

    sorry, but you are not improving service, you are making service worse, so much so i will be changing cards. Not only that I think i may change bank accounts too
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    18-05-21 , 21:51

    Same here.

    I've just paid off one account so that I can close that tomorrow, and the other one will be closed in the next few days. Had no problems with Tesco credit cards for 10+ years, but removing QIF is just an unnecessary headache.

    Equally I'm not going to wait around on the off chance it gets put back on the product backlog. You already have the functionality in the code base.
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    02-06-21 , 09:26

    I would add my voice to the demand for the return of qif file formats. I am still using Quicken and the only way I can get my credit card data into my accounting system is by utilising a complex set of spreadsheet formulas to extract the data from the csv format and reorder it into the right shape for qif. It would be interesting to know from Tesco Bank how many cardholders were using the facility and why it has been withdrawn.
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    02-06-21 , 09:45

    Hi @loxleybottom, I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Due to recent changes to our Online Banking platform we're no longer able to support this format. We'll pass on all comments received on this thread as customer feedback for our team to review.

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