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    What the Tesco Bank community is for
    13-10-20 , 14:23

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the community! I’m Sarah, the community manager here.

    This community is primarily a place for Tesco Bank customers to offer great advice to each other. You might need some advice or tips on how something works or, you might have some handy tips for another member! I know a lot of members here who are already really knowledgeable and if you want to learn more about helping others, private message me any time.

    Here are some topics that you can gain advice & tips from here:

    Locked out of online banking – here's what to do

    Paying your CreditCard

    I have a credit balance on my credit card, how do I get it back?

    Didn’t receive goods or a service as sold – helpful information

    How do I stop an upcoming insurance renewal?

    How long will it take to get my Loan?

    Can I settle my Loan early?

    Using your Credit Card abroad

    If you have an issue about your account …

    Please send a private message to our private account @Tesco-Bank and we will do our best to help you. For security purposes, is it not possible to deal with every query via this channel so there may be occasions where we need to get you to call customer services.

    Here are some tips on getting the best help from others....

    • Be clear about your issue

    • Share as much detail as you can but never divulge any personal information in a public space

    • Once you’ve got a helpful answer, press on the ‘Verified Answer button you see on the post

    • Also, use the Like button on any posts you like, agree with or find useful

    • You might also want to search for another member’s thread, as they might have had the same problem and some helpful information that will help you.

    • Be polite, say thanks and encourage others to help out

    Need help with using the community?

    Feel free to post a question below and let’s have a chat. If you’d prefer to talk to me or another member of the community team, Myself or our @Tesco-Bank account a private message any time.

    Finally, if you’re new, you might need to see our house rules and feel free to head into the Introduce Yourself thread to say hello!

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    04-12-20 , 19:59

    hi Sarah,
    Hope you are doing well. My name is Anshar based in Welwyn Garden City working for Tesco. I applied for a credit card via Tesco Bank and it got declined. I tried to talk to the customer support and they were not able to help. Can you help me with the contact who can help me fix the issue?
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    05-12-20 , 09:32

    Hey @anshar , I'm very sorry to hear this. If you haven't already, could you please send us a private message to @Tesco-Bank containing your full name, DOB and your phone number so we can look into this further?

    Sometimes we are limited in accessing information regarding applications, however we'll do our best to help you with this :)
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    05-12-20 , 11:28

    Hi @anshar
    I'm really sorry to learn customer support were not able to assist you.

    Please send Tesco bank a private message as CherylV has requested so they can take a closer look and see if they're able to help you.

    Click on this link Tesco-Bank then scroll down, on the left hand side click 'Send Private Message'.
    Complete it and send your message securely and privately.
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode along with details.
    You will receive a reply to your private message.
    Have a lovely weekend and
    warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    22-01-21 , 00:31

    Hi there. I'm new. How on earth does this work please? How do I change my temporary password and then how do I post a question?


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    22-01-21 , 06:36

    Hi @eamb4

    You can change your temporary password by clickinhg onto your avatar (top right of the page) then 'edit Profile' then click onto 'Edit Email & Password.

    To start a new question first choose which category it comes under:
    Feedback & Discussions
    Help & Support
    Off Topic

    Then click onto the category your new thread would come under and at the top on the right hand side is +Start a topic.
    Click onto that and a new page will open up for you to put the title and content of your new thread.
    Click 'Submit New Thread' at the bottom and you've started a new thread.

    Hope this helps!!!
    Have a lovely weekend, Caz @25H
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