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Your Insurance Account

Where do I find my documents in my online account?

Once you've logged in to Your Insurance Account, select the relevant policy and then click 'View documents' to access your documents. 

Please check all of your documents to make sure they're accurate as any errors may affect the cover you have under the policy, and any claims you make.

Customer Services can resend your documents so they become available in Your Insurance Account. They can be contacted by phone or you can request this via our Facebook or Twitter account.  Please visit our contact us pages for Car and Home telephone numbers and opening hours. 

Please note: Your Online Insurance Account is applicable only for Car & Home Insurance policies. If you have a query about any other Tesco Bank Insurance product, please contact us directly. 


I am really sorry about this, but maybe its because of my age that I dont understand what I need to send.  I had an email saying that you have not been able to accept my information that I sent, it says the quickest way I can send the information, is to log in to my Insurance account, and upload a copy.  So what does that mean, does that mean my account for Tesco or from my old account

Hi @Chewie, I'm sorry about that! So that I can check this for you, please message me at @Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB, postcode and policy number.

I have accessed my documents online, but cannot access the document named "Important information about your insurance policy" therefore I cannot check it.


Every time I try to open the document, it logs me out and I have to log back in, to find the same issue again. The system keeps sending me round and round in Circles.


I have complained and asked for this issue to be sorted before, but to no avail.


Please advise or sort out this issue?


Regards Rob J

Hi Rob, I'm sorry to hear this! Could you please send us a private message to Tesco-Bank so we can take a closer look at this? - Christina 

I have cancelled my car insurance in March and I need my insurance documents for 2019 insurance policy when I go on my account do documents available. Could I please received them by post?

Continual problems with messages telling me there are documents for me in my online account, then I log in to find nothing there. Reported many times,  but it seems nothing can be done. Surely if you cannot fix your system,  you need to put a note on it to not use it?

Hi @Sfoister, I'm sorry to hear this. Can you please send us a private message to Tesco-Bank so I can check this for you?


I have purchased car insurance a week ago and cannot view my documents. I log in, see my car reg, but cannot click on anything. Even my account names shows up as an unclickable link. Please advise.

Hi @msubbu33, sorry to hear that! Can you please send us a private message so we can look into this for you? 

I’m having the same issue as msubbu33. Can’t access anything. Is it possible to switch from online to postal as I’ve been reporting issues about the online account for the last 3 or 4 weeks?