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Your Insurance Account

What happens if I have forgotten my username?

Your username is easily retrieved through our forgotten username process on Your Insurance Account, we just require some extra information from you.


  • To start the process select 'Forgotten your username?'
  • Please enter your name, date of birth and postcode
  • Click Continue to login
  • If you have more than one account we will also ask you for your policy number
  • Once your details are verified your username will appear on screen


If your details aren’t recognised, this means you are not registered for Your Insurance Account. We launched this service on 10th December 2017, so if you accessed your documents via email prior to this date, then you need to register for the service first.


I agree with anyone who says that the Tesco Insurance site for logging on or getting information is absolutely trash.

Round & round the same pages, forgot password.... we'll ring you, but that's a landline & I'm not in front of my home PC, change the telephone number... oops round & round again to the same pages.... contact us, round & round etc.

What the Hell happens if you actually need to make a claim? I dread to think.


I'm so tired of it that I am not renewing the policy, if this is as good as Tesco gets then I'm afraid i can't be part of it.


Tip.... have a contact us page with the option of online live chat.

I'm sorry to hear this @plumster. I'll feed your comments back to our Management team to see how we can improve in the future - John

I can't log in to my online account to change my address and can't find a way to gain access as none of my details are recognised. How do I get in touch with Tesco to sort this out? This website seems pretty useless!

Hi @cjrider, I'm really sorry to hear this. As you've changed address your best bet would be to call our Online Helpdesk directly. They can be contacted anytime on 0345 300 3511 and a member of our team will be able to assist you further.