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Your Insurance Account

How do I register for Your Insurance account?

If you haven't already done so you can register for Your Insurance Account online. You will be asked to enter:

A username: You will need to enter this each time you log in, and this cannot be changed so use something you are likely to remember. We recommend using your email address.

If you have a separate banking login or multiple insurance  products, then you cannot use the same username for each login. Please note we do not accept usernames containing 'Tesco'.

A password: Your password is case sensitive. It must be at least seven characters including letters and numbers. It cannot be the same as your username.

Policy details: If you are registering a policy you already have with us, you will be asked to enter your first name, surname, postcode, date of birth and policy number. Your policy number can be found on any emails we have recently sent you or on your policy documents.

One Time Access Code: When you have provided the above details we will send you a One Time Access Code to your landline or mobile number to verify who you are. The code is valid for 10 minutes and is sent immediately but can take up to 15 minutes to be received.

If we don't have your up to date mobile and landline phone numbers please contact us to update your information. To make sure you can always access Your Insurance Account it's important that you keep your mobile and landline phone numbers up to date.


My house insurance is due for renewal and to do this I need to register. I complete the registration page (several times now) and am advised: 

To check it's you, we need your mobile or landline number

Contact us to give us your mobile and/or landline number. Once we have this, you can restart registration.


When I click on the "Contact us" I am presented with a page offering me numerous choices for banking, insurance etc, but no (obvious) method of sending my phone number. I do not own a mobile telephone and am not on Twitter or Facebook. To call you costs me 21p connexion and 14p per minute to listen to all your automated options and lift music telling me how valuable my custom is, so I am loathe to be financially punished by Tesco for needing to access my data and to give Tesco the privilege of my continued business!

Please advise as I am becoming very frustrated with Tescobank (as you can probably tell).

Thank you.

The contact methods you've mentioned (telephone, Facebook, and Twitter) are the ones we would use to update the number on your account to help you register. We can send the one time access code to a landline number as well as a mobile, so this shouldn't hinder your ability to access the account at all.


If you send a private message to @Tesco-Bank  we with your full name, DOB, postcode, policy number and your landline number we can update this and help you register. I appreciate that seems like a lot of info, but we need this to access the account and make that change. 

Hold on, have you just asked me to send a text when I said I don't own a mobile phone?

We've asked for you to send a private message via this channel @SloughOfDespond and not a text. This will allow us to update your landline number on the policy.

I am unable to register for an online account for my car insurance despite being sent 3 links (to the same site). 

When attemting to register I keep getting asked for a telephone number (that you have already by the way). When I hit the link I go to the contact page there is no place to send this number, just a lot of useless information about FAQ's and other products (NOT at all helpful.)

I have done this 3 times now - all I want to do is pick up my documents!!! You have just charged me £25 to do the car swap over the phone as I am unable to register to do it myself and you have resent the link, but this link you sent is the same as the other 2 sent previously so I am no further forward. Just tell me how the hell I'm supposed to register??  

Hi Zephie, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues registering, if you follow this link - - and click the green 'register' button, this will allow you to register and you'll be taken to a page that triggers a security code which is text to the number on file. The only time this won't do this, is if the number we have on file is incorrect or if one isn't recorded for you, at that point you'll be asked to contact us so we can update this for you. 


If you've been on the telephone with our team they should have updated the number for you. However, if you're still unable to register please message our @Tesco-Bank  account with your DOB, postcode, policy number and the mobile number you would like to receive the one-time access code to. When sending your personal details, please ensure a space is left between each of the characters as shown below. 


A B 1 2 C D

2 2 0 6 2 0 1 7

Cannot seem to get a one time verification code because the phone number is wrong.....??


please help.

Hi @Redphenom, sorry to hear about this. Can you please send over a private message to Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB, postcode, policy number and mobile number? I'll then be able to help - Kelly

Where do I go to post private message.......??

Please log in and search Tesco-Bank as a user. Once you've clicked onto the profile, you'll see a "Send message" button on the blue banner 🙂 - Caroline