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Your Insurance Account

How do I know if I have already registered for Your Insurance Account?

If it has been some time since you've logged in to Your Insurance Account, or you can't remember if you have registered then there's no need to worry. You can simply begin the registration process for Your Insurance Account and once you give us your policy number and personal details we can tell you if you're already set up. 


I cannot access any thing on the Tesco account and cannot even get you to phone me. Stupidest systmnset up

Hi @shilshah, I'm sorry to hear that. What issues are you having when you are trying to access your Tesco account?


can someone help my home insurance is due but can’t register as it keeps saying need phone number but nowhere to put it 


Hello @swansealass73, if you can send @CET a private message with your name, date of birth, postcode and the contact number you'd like to use I can help with this.

I cant seem to be able to register. I can access my credit card but not the insurance and I cant therefore sign any documents. The email confirmation says my policy number is TI**sensitive info removed**6

Hi @HeatherMawdsley, sorry to hear about this. Your log-in for your insurance account would be entirely separate from any details you've set up for your credit card. Can you please send over a private message to @CET including your full name, DOB, postcode, policy number and the mobile number you would like to use for the one-time access code? I'll then be able to help.

Hi, I have been living abroad for 3 years and will be returning back to the UK very soon. I would like to start my policy up again and possibly add another 3 years NCD, but living 7000 miles away is proving problematic and I cannot find my old policy. Is it possible for someone to contact me to try and find my details please?

i try to register my insurance account but not access .

Hello @PuiYeeNG, thanks for getting in touch. If you could please send a private message to @CET with your full name, DOB, postcode, policy number, and the phone number you'd like to use for the One Time Access Code, I'll be able to assist further :) - Caroline

Has no one got an answer for my query?