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Can I choose the currency denominations I would like in my travel money order?

No, you can’t specify denominations as part of your order.


Normally you’ll receive a mixture of high and low denominations, depending on the availability of the currency you order.

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‎01-05-2015 01:14 PM
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Just collected my Croatia Kuna from Tesco's and I'm not happy about the large denomination notes.  Only got £200 worth to keep me going for the first few days, but I've been given 2 x 500 3 x200 and 1 x 100.  Is this going to be a probelm buying the odd beer or two with a 500 kuna note?  

Hi @MJGamble, I'm sorry to read that you're unhappy with the denominations we've given you when you've made your order. Depending on the currency ordered and the popularity, we can sometimes be limited in what we can offer, but I'll make sure to pass on your comments to our Travel Money team.


I hope it doesn't cause too many issues and you still have a good time in Croatia!