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Tesco Pay+

How do I get a refund?

If you need a refund for something you paid for with Tesco Pay+, bring your receipt to the Customer Service Desk. The cashier will ask for your payment card to complete the refund. To use Tesco Pay+ instead of your plastic card, just open your Tesco Pay+ app, select the card you used to make the payment and the cashier will scan the barcode shown on your phone's screen.


Good afternoon

We paid a £50 deposit for a birthday buffet in October 2018 on our CC and the cafe owner has done a runner with our money (together with others).  Can we cancel the transaction or have we lost the money as the owner is nowhere to be found and we now have to make some alternative arrangements.



@grahamparsons68 If you don't receive a product or service you've paid for using your credit card, we can raise a dispute against the retailer and seek reimbursement. If you give us a call on 0345 300 4278 (24/7), we'll help you with this. I've also replied to your other post with the same message.